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Exitflex are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of air fed respiratory equipment for operators in the many working environments where airborne contaminants continue to threaten sight, breathing and general health. The system is CE marked and approved to EN270 and EN 139. This system continues to be very popular with paint sprayers, especially those working with two-pack paints containing isocyanates, due to the practical, lightweight and comfortable design but most of all, the performance of the apparatus.

• Complete kits or component parts

• Choice of full visor or half mask

• High capacity coalescing air filter

• Belt with pre-set regulator and air purifier

• Choice of optional air hoses

A choice of kits is available to suit a range of Application requirements.

The waist belt features an activated carbon cartridge filter to remove airborne vapours and odours, a pre-set regulator, which controls the volume and quality of air to the visor and an air flow indicator for operator protection.

• Air quality to BS4275 at belt

• Colour changing activated carbon cartridge

• Comfortable adjustable belt

• Clear flow indicator gauge

• Quick replacement at low cost

The 50-612 kit ) is the most comprehensive i.e for a new installation.

These portable filtration units are especially suited to mobile operators or to personnel who are responsible for their equipment.

The 50-515 twin filter contains a pre-filter and a coalescing filter in a convenient portable frame.

The 50-516 triple has an activated carbon filter in addition to the pre-filter and coalescing filter.

All units have a semi automatic drain with an air

flow capacity up to 28cfm at 90psi.

Maximum temperature. 40ºC.

Maximum input 150psi.

NB Wall mounted versions are listed

NB These filters will not remove carbon monoxide or other toxic gases