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Conventional Air Atomising Spray Lances

EXITFLEX ‘38’ Series Airspray Gun Lances do not feature needles and thus require a different technique in use. In practice, they provide a positive affordable solution to users where a slim, lightweight extension is required for paint spray or wax application into difficult to reach areas inside tubes or confined spaces

The Lances are 3mm thick wall aluminium tubing as also used with the EXITFLEX airless spray extension items, this makes it easy for you to stock for air spray or airless spray applications.

It is important to note that the atomisers detailed in this section are for use in air spray applications only, they are not suitable for airless Some liquids may not be suitable for use with these atomisers.

It is important to use separate air and fluid control regulators. Pressure feed guns should normally feature a 1.4mm fluid tip, or a 1.8mm fluid tip. Extensions will only operate with pressure feed.

38-441 Fogging chamber to fit BRPHVLP gun (page 45)
38-451 Fogging chamber to fit Iwata W90
38-452 Fogging chamber to fit Iwata W200
38-411 Fogging chamber to fit DeVilbiss, Sagola (not HVLP)
38-438 Fogging chamber to fit DeVilbiss, Compact Gun
38-421 Fogging chamber to fit Binks 230
38-431 Fogging chamber to fit Binks BBR
38-471 Fogging chamber (air assisted airless)to fit AAG-2000, GRACO AA 2000, ALPHA PLUS & AA PLUS
74-021 Adaptor for use with Flexi, 1/2” JIC M x 1/2” JIC M
38-002 Adaptor 1/2” JIC M 1/4” UNF F for use in rigid extensions
38-210 Spinning atomiser, forward, backward and side spray 1/4” UNF
38-220 Spinning atomiser, side spray only 1/4” UNF
38-230 Fixed atomiser for use with flexi lance
32-306/16 Lance 6” length rigid)
32-312/16 Lance 12” length rigid
32-318/16 Lance 18” length rigid
32-324/16 Lance 24” length rigid
32-336/16 Lance 36” length rigid

A complete extension comprises 1 Fogging chamber, 1 Lance (length to suit) 1 38-002 adaptor plus/antomiser of your choice. These extensions require a pressure feed system.

Flexible Extensions -

PA131J230 Flexi lance 1 metre including 38-230 fixed atomiser (excl. fogging chamber) Flexible extensions are available using the 38-219 or 220 spinning atomiser with 1/4 bore nylon hose. Prices by enquiry

Slimline Extensions -

38-500 Slimline extension tube only not including nozzle. Accepts 38-210 or 38-220 order fogging chamber extra to suit. Nickel plated finish 18” long, 11mm OD
38-501 Slimline angled fixed fan atomiser complete with fogging chamber to suit and choice of 6”, 12” or 18” length. 11mm OD

It is important to ensure a balanced air and fluid pressure "at the spray gun". To assist in achieving this it is advisable to use a mini air regulator - or filter regulator please see page9