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TRI-A Auto

140 Bar MWP (2000psi)

accepts TRI-A reversible kit

1/4 BSP fluid connection

CE marked

TRI-A Spray Gun Models

83-600 AUTOMATIC TRI-A AIR ASSISTED AIRLESS SPRAY GUN 140 Bar MWP (2000psi). Includes a mounting base with air and fluid fittings and connections. Compact and durable. Teflon packings and stainless steel fluid passages. Accepts TRI-A 83-005 reversible nozzle system (not included as standard)

The TRI-A air assisted airless spray gun in association with the TRI-A reversable spray tip system is suitable for use in demanding industrial applications. The features of the gun and air cap/nozzle combination provide many benefits to the user; reduced down-time due to reversible cleaning nozzles and ease of servicing, compact, durable anodised body, superb atomisation and fan control. TwinTips also available giving 2 angles back-to-back from 1 tip key.
Pos. Ref Description
3 83-603 Head
4 83-604 Needle Packing Kit
5 83-605 Air Valve Kit
6 83-606 Body
7 83-607 Fluid Inlet Connection Body
10 83-610 Air Inlet Base Control
11 83-611 Air Piston Assembly
12 83-612 Piston Spring
13 83-613 Cylinder Cap
14 83-614 Needle Spring
15 83-615 Needle Adjuster Assembly
22 83-403 Air Cap Separation Gasket
83-000 Repair Kit
Comprising: 3 x ‘O’ Rings ref 3b)
1 x ‘O’ Ring (ref 11a)
1 x ‘O’ Ring (ref 11b)
1 x Piston Spring (83-612)
1 x Needle Spring (83-614)
6 x ‘O’ Rings (ref 10a)
1 x Air Cap Separation Gasket (83-403)