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Recent contacts with shipbuilding industry executives and yard painting teams identified a wish to have high quality steel (in preference to stainless steel) bodied Flat Tips for increased life span in their demanding work environments.

Large quantities of Flat Tips are in use today, due to lower unit costs and weight compared with reversible systems.

This invitation gave us the opportunity to redesign the traditional flat tip from scratch and hence the new, patent pending MAGNETiP SLLT(Super Long Lasting Tip) was created.

Redesigned housing -

. Increased flat surface area to allow for increased spanner turning,

. Hard grade steel to resist damage by tooling,

. Venturi effect on surrounding air improving atomising performance

. Electroless nickel finish to allow easy cleaning and corrosion protection,

. Magnet positioned inside to allow easy fixation of spare tips to adjacent steelwork or the pump head for example.

. Laser marked references for long lasting clear identification

Tungsten Carbide Insert

. Utilized the very successful " Speedy" technology to increase atomisation performance and minimise wear rate.

These features combined have real benefits which were identified in application as;

. Improved atomisation compared to alternative proprietary brand tip

. Longer lasting integrity of spray pattern and flow rate characteristics

. Ease of use with the ability to securely position a collection of tips close to workers

. Reduced loss of tips experienced through handling, often in difficult work areas.

All this, at a very competitive price ...