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Low pressure Twin Hose Assemblies

Twin Fluid & Air: VOW 1.4.5

LPV 1.4 and MO 1.5 hose assembly c/w 3/8 BSP(F) on 1/4” ID fluid hose, 1/4 BSP(F) on 5/16” ID air hose (76 series stainless steel wetted section connections)

VOW1.4.5:2.2:B 2.2 metres
VOW1.4.5:5:B 5 metres
VOW1.4.5:7.5:B 7.5 metres
VOW1.4.5:10:B 10 metres
VOW1.4.5:15:B 15 metres


Hose Sleeving

Available as follows:-
PVCT 2/400 PVC sleeve 2" Approx 200m roll 400 gauge
PVCT 3/400 PVC sleeve 3" Approx 200m roll 400 gauge
GW30 BK Polyester braid 25/30mm per metre
GW40 GR Polyester braid 40/60mm per metre

HVLP Turbine Hoses & Accessories

HVLP-8-NPC 8 metre spiral wound hose with swaged connections. 3/4 BSP(F) and QD connection for gun. Ideal for applications where excess heat is not a problem
HVLP-9-CNPC 9 metre combination hose comprising 4 metre light spiral wound hose, 5 metre heavy reinforced hose, jointed and complete with 3/4 BSP(F) and QD gun connection
HC-02 17 x 17mm nylon hose coupler
HVLP 1/E 3/4” screw ring BSP for 3/4” hose tail. Nickel plated
HVLP 1/E/M20 M20 screw ring for 3/4” hose tail
HVLP 3/E 18mm diameter hose tail, brass
HVLP 5/E QD coupling tail. 18mm brass
HVLP 6/E QD coupling. Nickel plated
HVLP 8/E Spiral PVC hose smooth bore black (per metre)
HVLP 9/E Heavy delivery hose smooth bore black (per metre)
HVLP 10/E Hose joiner QD tail x 3/4” male thread.