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BRP HVLP Pressure feed
19710 BRP HVLP Manual spray gun @ 1.0mm
19712 Pressure feed @ 1.2
19714 Pressure feed @ 1.4
19715 Pressure feed @ 1.5
19717 Pressure feed @ 1.7
19719 Pressure feed @ 1.9
19722 Pressure feed @ 2.2

202XX Needle, fluid tip & air cap kit(replace XX with Ø)
1825XA Air cap (state size ie, 0.8mm - 2.2mm)
18345A Seals and springs repair kit
50-427 Quick detach hi-flo air coupling 9mm tail connection
1828XA Fluid tip (state size ie 0.8mm)
1625XA Fluid needle (state size ie 0.8mm)
24097-R-K10 Pack 10 cleaning brushes
10638A 1000cc Camlock Suction Cup

HVLP Automatic Spray Gun (Low Pressure)
K99 Automatic HVLP spray gun. Stainless steel version with recirculation base.Sizes 0.7 ¬ 2.2mm (please specify)

Turbine Spray Gun
TPQ-98 HVLP turbine gun. High quality, non bleed

Air Blow Guns
30100 Airblow gun with aluminium body
30130 Airblow gun with booster nozzle.Aluminium body

Cleaning Gun
DG-10-EK Manual cleaning gun, syphons from separate container adjustable output 1/4 BSP air outlet

Gravity spraygun
E-70 Heavy material spray gun 4mm nozzle. One litre aluminium gravity cup. 1/4 BSP air inlet