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Pneumatic Control Panel

When required we can supply a pneumatic control panel to operate with the colour change modules

Each panel comprises a case of suitable minimum dimensions housing a rotary colour selection valve, solvent/off/colour switch and double acting pneumatic valves to provide fast acting variable control of the colour valves.

Front panel clearly labelled, all connectors of push in pattern and all switches fully interlocked for fail safe operation.
Prices are supply only ex-works
Installation can be quoted extra if required

4 colour + solvent control panel
6 colour + solvent control panel
8 colour + solvent control panel
10 colour + solvent control panel
12 colour + solvent control panel

Typical lead time 4-6 weeks from order.

Alternative manifold arrangements

Illustrated are two alternative systems that can be quoted on request.
The example to the left is a modular in-line six valve unit.
The other unit shown is a rotary arrangement having a very small fluid capacity in the manifold for rapid colour changing.
Call us for further details or for a quotation.