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Always searching for solutions

to optimize your finishing performance

hether you are looking for airless or air assisted spray the network and the experience to work side by side with you

Wtips, you will find what you need in our wide range of in an efficient, fast and professional way.
standard products. And if not, Exitflex will listen to you and
The lake Geneva region of Switzerland is known for its first
accompany you in designing a bespoke solution according
class technology centres, as well as its highly competitive and
to your own specification. In some cases and depending on
competent companies specializing in precision mechanics,
your request, private branding could be applied.
metallurgy, assembly and product design.
Some customers request special adaptations to their
Due to its ideal location on the shore of lake Geneva,
machines and customized nozzles for their automatic and
Exitflex has easy and privileged access to top Universities,
manual spraying systems. Operating in different
Engineering schools and technical laboratories in Geneva
industries (automobile, naval, ceramics, aerospace,
and Lausanne. A large number of specialized firms around
furniture, leather, construction, etc) these cutomers have
our area complete our strong and dedicated network.
varied expectations depending on the material to be sprayed The science of
(Lacquers, mastics, oil and water based paints, block fillers, fluid mechanics
epoxies, etc) and finish required. and metallurgy
Whatever the industry you operate in, wherever you are Exitflex have been cooperating
with research laboratories in
located, we have the machinery and the know-how;
Geneva and Lausanne for several
years. Different studies are being
carried out in the field of fluid
mechanics and metallurgy to
better understand certain
phenomena, thus ensuring
optimum design
and construction of Tungsten
carbide spray nozzles.
Submit your request, Exitflex will
help you reach your goals
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