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Air Assisted Airless tips Product specification sheet Air Assisted Airless tips

All Exitflex Air Assisted Airless tips integrate high
quality tungsten carbide inserts, which provide
maximum erosion resistance in all circumstances.
Despite their extreme hardness, Tungsten carbide
tips do wear. Replace them before its costs a
great deal of money in labor and material!
All tips are laser-marked. Customised marking
may be applied on demand.

Spray angles and pattern widths quoted are as
Reference : 63-611
manufactured and tested on water. Spray widths
Atomisation : Standard
can vary and depend upon viscosity, solids content
and pressure employed. To determine a new flow Spray gun compatibility:
Graco ®
rate (Q2) at a new working pressure (P2),
use the following formula, knowing that P1 = 100 Bar
Reference : 63-612
Atomisation : Super Finish
Spray gun compatibility:
The following equivalent orifice size ranges Graco ®
are suggested for the material listed:
Stains and lacquers: 0.006in to 0.013in
Reference : 63-560
Oil based paints 0.013in to 0.015in
Atomisation : Standard
Latex emultions 0.017in to 0.021in Spray gun compatibility:
Heavy paints, latex 0.023in to 0.029in Graco ®
Block fillers, epoxies 0.029in to 0.061in

Remember - Lower viscosity materials such as Reference : 63-561
lacquers means smaller orifice sizes and heavier Atomisation : Super Finish
viscosity coatings such as oil-based paints means Spray gun compatibility:
larger orifice sizes. Graco ®
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