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Air Assisted Airless tips Product specification sheet Tria Pro45 Spray angles and pattern widths quoted are as

manufactured and tested on water. Spray widths
the exciting new way to get the very best from your
choice of leading Airless Air Assisted spray guns.
and pressure employed. To determine a new flow
Binks , Graco , Kremlin , Optima , can vary and depend upon viscosity, solids content
rate (Q2) at a new working pressure (P2),
SATA , Wagner , Asturo ® use the following formula, knowing that P1 = 100 Bar
The benefits of the system are:
The following equivalent orifice size ranges
- Fits your choice of AAA spray gun are suggested for the material listed:
- Superior finishes with spit free function Stains and lacquers: 0.006in to 0.013in
and excellent control
Oil based paints 0.013in to 0.015in
- Reduced bounce and blow back
Latex emultions 0.017in to 0.021in
with optimum atomization
Heavy paints, latex 0.023in to 0.029in
- The smallest orifice for the best results
Block fillers, epoxies 0.029in to 0.061in
can be selected without fear of blockages
- Paint saving by use of the best size of tip Remember - Lower viscosity materials such as
lacquers means smaller orifice sizes and heavier
- The choice of Premium Standard or superfine tips
viscosity coatings such as oil-based paints means
for the ultimate finish
larger orifice sizes.
- MWP 280 bar (4400psi)
All Exitflex Air Assisted Airless tips integrate high
quality tungsten carbide inserts, which provide
maximum erosion resistance in all circumstances.
Despite their extreme hardness, Tungsten carbide
tips do wear. Replace them before its costs a
great deal of money in labor and material!
All tips are laser-marked. Customised marking
may be applied on demand. Ordering example - complete kit
Select the gun type, tip and tip size and complete the
order code
For example TP45/G/PS/409 is a system for a Graco ®
gun with premium standard, 40° angle, 0.009 inch tip
TP45 /.........…../.........……../........…...
B = Binks 4400 PS = Premium Tip size
G = Graco G40 standard tip
K = Kremlin MVX SF = Superfine
O = Optima 2000 pre-atomiser tip
W = Wagner 4600
A = Asturo K1 TT = Twin tip
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